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1. Solid black cherry, one of a kind giant grandfather clock standing at 10 feet tall, with Hermle tubular movement.
2. Tellurium by Hermle
3. Solid Mahogany (One of a Kind), Flagship Triple Chime, by Hermle
4. Solid African Mahogany (One of a Kind), Triple Chime, by Hermle
5. Hohenzollern by Rombach und Haas
6. Rottenburg by Rombach und Haas
7. Laughing Turk by Rombach und Haas
8. Victory Bell by Weems & Plath
9. Brahms by Sternreiter
10. Neasden by Hermle
11. Solid Black Walnut Westminster, Hermle
12. Cuckoo clock, Hunting Style, by Schneider
13. Cuckoo clock, Kissing Couple/Beer Drinkers, by Schneider 14. Cuckoo clock, Wife with Rolling Pin, by Schneider
15. Day Clock
16. Kit-Cat Clock
17. Medieval Skeleton Table Clock, Hermle
18. Porcelain Gold Plated Anniversary Clock, Hermle
19. Skeleton Clock by Hermle
20. Buena Vista by Hermle
21. Double Bell Mechanical Alarm Clock by Sternreiter
22. Joyful Nostalgia, plays 18 melodies, by Rhythm
23. Snowflake Legend, plays 18 melodies, including 6 Beatles songs, by Rhythm