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Quality and selection

Follow the links to view the webpages of the clock makers. Please keep in mind that our prices may vary from those on the American and European webpages.

Our clock gallery offers a selection of photos of the clocks we have in store.

See something you like? Feel free to phone us for more information.

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Mechanical Clocks:

Floor, Wall, Mantle, Table/Desk, Alarm

Quartz Clocks:

Wall, Mantle, Table/Desk, Alarm

Floor - Mechanical

Grandfather Clocks:
Hermle, Kieninger, Westminster Time

Wall - Mechanical

Regulator, Schoolhouse, Etc.:
Hermle, Kieninger, Sternreiter, Westminster Time

Cuckoo Clocks:
Hubert Herr, Romba Haas, Schneider

Medieval/Castle Clocks:
Hermle, Sternreiter

Nautical Clocks:
Hermle, Weems & Plath, Hermle

Speciality Clocks:
Hermle, Kieninger, Romba Haas

Wooden Gear Clocks:
Romba Haas (Hohenzollern)

Mantle - Mechanical

Hermle, Sternreiter, Westminster Time

Mantle Specialities
Hermle, Kieninger

Sternreiter, L'Epee

Sternreiter, Hermle

Weems & Plath

Table/Desk - Mechanical

Hermle, Westminster Time, Sternreiter

Alarm - Mechanical


Wall - Quartz

Melodies in Motion Clocks:
Rhythm, Seiko

Chime Clocks:
Hermle, Seiko, Sternreiter, Westminster Time

Office/Kitchen Clocks:
Hermle, Tempo, Seiko, Day Clocks

Day Clocks:
Day Clocks

Kit Cat Clocks:
California Clocks

World Time:

Decorative Clocks:
Hermle, Seiko

Day Date Clocks:
Seiko, Radio Controlled Clocks:

Nautical Clocks:
Weems & Plath, Hermle

Mantle - Quartz

Hermle, Sternreiter, Seiko

Melody in Motion
Rhythm, Seiko,


Weems & Plath

Seiko, Stock in store

Table/Desk - Quartz

Hermle, Westminster Time, Rhythm, Seiko

World Time
Seiko ,

Bulova, Colibri, Linden (in store stock only)

Alarm - Quartz

Rhythm, Seiko

Travel Alarm